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Image Details

Charles: Samsung NX2000 full spectrum, 850nm filter
almazochrom: 590 or 720nm?
Anshul: Full spectrum camera, Hoya R72 filter
John: Sony F828, 550nm filter
Susan: Edit in Luminar and SilverFX Pro (tree)
Susan: Fujifilm X-T1 full spectrum, 80mm Macro lens, 550nm filter
Phil: Canon 5DM4 full spectrum, 720nm & 830nm filters


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0:00:00 Intro
0:05:09 850nm image (Charles)
0:13:10 Showcase
0:14:09 Fine art edit (almazochrom)
0:24:11 720nm masks (Anshul)
0:30:03 Hot spot correction (Anshul)
0:33:00 Edit with Histogram (Anshul)
0:37:37 John Spider 550nm (John)
0:49:05 Silver EFEX Pro Luminance Blend (Susan)
0:58:03 Quilting in IR (Susan)
1:03:17 good converted camera (John)
1:08:47 Natural IR (Alex)
1:11:02 Moving Profiles (Dale)
1:19:00 Peak focusing & DoF (John)
1:21:38 720nm vs 830nm (Phil)
1:34:04 DoF in IR (B)


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